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OK200 is a digital product development company based in Melbourne.

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What We Do


We Build Online Systems

If you can log into it, we can build it. We specialise in SAAS (software as a service), online marketplaces, productivity software, and online portal systems. Got an idea for online software? Get in touch!

Prototypes and MVPs

It's important to start with an MVP (minimum viable product), prove the idea, and then keep building on it. We work with our partners (you!) to build strong foundations so that you can confidently grow to scale when the time is right.


Mobile Apps

Mobile app development is also part of our repertoire, with a focus on sustainable apps that make the world a better place. Everyone has an app idea - what's yours?

Massively scalable platforms

We build custom software when an off-the-shelf solution won't cut it. Software that scales with you, from your first user to your millionth.

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Products We've Built

Ride2School, an app and platform OK200 have developed.
Ride2School App

Keeping young people actively travelling to school

Ride2School is a nationwide program that enables students to get physically active on their journey to school.

Check Ride2School out in the App Store