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OK200 is an Australian development company based in Melbourne, Australia that builds technical web-based app & platform products for companies of all sizes. We also provide unique value to startups looking to validate MVP & prototype ideas.

We’re a small team and we keep everything in-house, so you’ll always have direct communication with the people actively working on your project.

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We’re not just a development team, we’re a part of the thriving Australian startup ecosystem and we love working with these companies in their early stages. A few of us have even worked directly in startups before, so we understand the roller-coaster ride of excitement and challenges.

What We Do

Custom Software Solutions

When an off-the shelf product won't suffice for your needs, that’s where we come in. We build all kinds of software solutions, from small one-off tools, to large-scale marketplaces, and everything in between. Not sure whether to go with a custom or off-the-shelf build? We go into a bit more about this here.

Online Systems

If you can log into it, we can build it. Whether it's creating scalable SAAS (Software as a Service) solutions, fostering thriving online marketplaces, optimizing productivity, or developing secure online portals, we've got the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Prototypes & MVPS

It’s important to start with an MVP (minimum viable product), prove the idea, and then keep building on it.They reduce risks and increase the chances of successful product development, making them valuable for startups and other development projects. Building strong foundations means you can confidently scale when the time is right.

Mobile apps

Mobile app development is also a significant part of our repertoire. We’re not just about creating any app; our focus is about crafting apps that have a positive impact on the world. In today’s world, where mobile apps are the driving force behind seamless experiences and global connectivity, we’re here to help you make your mark.

Massively scalable platforms

We build software that scales with you, from your first user to your millionth. With an API-first architecture, you can build your product's ecosystem seamlessly, connecting with various platforms and services. This approach ensures your software is not only flexible and adaptable but also future-proof.

Scoping Services

Before building your project, it’s important to spend some time on the scoping phase. We provide no-obligation scoping services, beneficial for businesses of all kinds. This service becomes especially advantageous for startups when comparing developers before project commencement or when engaging with investors to bring your innovative ideas to life. Check out more here.

Who We Work With

We partner with numerous early-stage startups in their development, providing the essential tech support to kickstart their ventures.

We also partner with not for profits and established businesses, making sure a wide range of organisations can tap into our customised solutions.

"OK200 are fantastic to work with. Paul and the team operate very differently to traditional software development agencies because they actually work collaboratively with you to get the best outcome for your business - both for the initial build and over the long term. Feels more like a partnership than an agency. I really like their honest, transparent approach too. Highly recommend."
Davyn Edwards, Chief Commercial Officer, Green Eco Technologies