About Us

Based in Melbourne, Australia, OK200 is a boutique development company specialising in software and app development. We’re a small team and we keep it all in-house, meaning that you’ll always communicate with the people working on your project. No being handed around to different account managers!

We're deeply embedded in the startup ecosystem, thanks to our Founder's extensive experience as Fractional CTO for startups and mentorship roles across the startup community. We understand the unique challenges early-stage startups face because some of us have worked directly in startups before.

We’ve joined forces with The Startup Network!

In our mission to support founders, we're proud to be the latest Business Member of Australia's largest independent startup community! Our commitment has always been to deliver unparalleled value to our customers and with this vision in mind, we have taken a monumental step forward.

What this means:

Combined Strength:
By joining forces, we're not only combining resources but also ideologies, methodologies, and visions. Together, we believe we can achieve greater milestones and create a real impact.
Expanded Network:
This alliance means that our community now has access to an even larger pool of resources, experts, and potential collaborators. The possibilities for synergistic collaborations are limitless.
Enhanced Offerings:
With our combined expertise and resources, we're aiming to curate even better services, tools, and opportunities for our community members.