Technical Scoping
The Essential Guide to Technical Scoping for Early-Stage Startups

In the fast-paced world of tech startups, turning an idea into a viable product that people actually want to use requires more than just passion and hard work. It demands a strategic approach right from the beginning, where technical scoping plays a pivotal role.

Think about it like this:

Building a successful tech product without a comprehensive scoping process is like constructing a house without a blueprint. Just as a blueprint guides the construction of a house by outlining its design, dimensions, and materials, a detailed scoping document lays out the essential framework for your startup. It defines the product's features, the technology stack, and the roadmap, ensuring every aspect of development is aligned with your strategic goals. Without this critical guide, you risk building it in the wrong direction , using the wrong materials, and possibly even realising (too late!) that the foundation isn't strong enough to support your vision.

As a founder, what do I get out of scoping?

Here's where the "Four W's" come in:
  • What will be built
  • Why it's important to build it
  • Where will it live
  • When can it be built by
And also 2 very important H's:
  • How we'll build it
  • How much it will cost to build

Scoping is a paid service. A lot of founders ask "Hey OK200 - why would I pay, just to find out how much I need to pay?"

A valid question, but it's easily answered by imagining how much it will cost if the developer has no idea what they need to build for you. Mayhem would ensue, and you'll have zero visibility on your tech spend.

Technical scoping ensures that every element of your product is meticulously planned and executed, the same way a thought out blueprint paves the way for a functional, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing house. This will ensure that your startup is well-positioned for success and growth.

Understanding the Significance of Technical Scoping

Technical scoping is a critical first step in the product development lifecycle. It involves a detailed analysis and documentation of a project's objectives, features, functionalities, and the technology stack required to bring the idea to life.

For startups, particularly those in the pre-funding stage, a well-thought-out and well-crafted scope can positively impact your ability to secure investment in a significant way.

It also gives you a reference point for deliverables for your development partner, holding us to account if something has been missed, or not built to the defined spec.

Why Startups Can't Afford to Skip Technical Scoping

Clarity and Direction

Technical scoping provides a clear roadmap for development, helping to align team efforts and focus on achieving key milestones.

Risk Mitigation

By identifying potential technical challenges and uncertainties early on, strategies can be devised to address these issues, reducing the likelihood of costly setbacks and scope creep (uncontrolled changes leading to a never-ending development cycle).

Investor Confidence

A comprehensive scope document demonstrates to investors that the startup has a well-thought-out plan for product development, increasing their confidence in the venture's potential.

What a Comprehensive Scoping Process Should Entail

The approach to technical scoping should be thorough and tailored to the specific needs of each startup. It should include:

In-depth Market Analysis

Understanding the competitive landscape and identifying opportunities for differentiation.

Technical Feasibility Study

Evaluating the technical requirements and ensuring that the proposed solutions are viable and scalable.

Resource Planning

Assessing the resources needed, including team composition and technology stack, to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

Milestone Planning

Setting clear, achievable milestones for project development, providing a framework for measuring progress and success.

Startups: Leveraging Scoping for Pre-raise Success

For startups looking to secure funding, the scoping documents become an invaluable tool. They not only highlight the technical viability of the project but also showcase the startup's strategic approach to addressing market needs.

They can be used to plan, roadmap, and budget against - as well as potentially fundraise from, further down the line.

The Impact of Technical Scoping on Startup Success

Technical scoping is more than just a preliminary step in the development process. It's a strategic exercise that lays the foundation for a startup's success. By clearly defining the scope, startups can ensure that their development efforts are aligned with their business objectives, ultimately leading to a product that meets market demands and exceeds customer expectations.

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