Case Study - Give Where You Live

We’re proud to share the inspiring journey of Community Choice, an initiative of the Give Where You Live Foundation. Our partnership with this transformative project has been a testament to our commitment to making a difference in our community. We have provided ongoing services, including software development, scoping services, technical consultation, and business intelligence, to support the Give Where You Live Foundation in their mission.

Our services:

Software development

Scoping services

Technical consultation

Business intelligence

About the Community Choice initiative

Community Choice is a visionary project that brings together the worlds of food relief and local hospitality venues to address food insecurity and empower individuals in our region with the dignity of choice. Initiated by the Give Where You Live Foundation, this innovative program is designed to provide people in need with more than just food—it offers them the power to make decisions about the kind of food they receive, bringing an element of dignity and choice to an otherwise challenging situation.

The concept of Community Choice was born at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In collaboration with the Donkey Wheel Foundation, the Give Where You Live Foundation conceived this innovative initiative with a dual purpose in mind. They aimed to support the local hospitality industry in its pandemic recovery while simultaneously strengthening the existing food relief network within our region.

The outcome of this vision has been remarkable. The project not only helped infuse $66,000 into the local hospitality industry between January 2022 and June 2022 but also added a new layer of accessibility to the food relief network — and it continues to have an impact to this day.

Our Role in Community Choice

We’re honored to have played a part in the ongoing success of Community Choice by providing essential services to this transformative project. We have continued to work with Give Where You Live and offer our expertise to enhance the program's digital infrastructure, ensuring its seamless operation.

Our scoping services have helped shape the project's scope and objectives, and our technical consultation has ensured that the initiative adheres to industry best practices. Additionally, our business intelligence services have enabled the Give Where You Live Foundation to make informed decisions and continually improve the program's impact.