Scoping Services

We understand the critical role that a well-defined scope plays in the success of startups and established companies.

Our Scoping Services are tailored to guide you through the essential process of defining project boundaries, objectives, and deliverables.

Why Scoping Matters

Scoping is the process of meticulously outlining the features, functionalities, and requirements that will shape your software product. This phase is crucial for startups due to several reasons, some of which include:

Foundation Building

Lay the groundwork for a successful project.

Goal Alignment

Ensure development aligns with startup goals and resources.

Key Benefits of Scoping

Resource Management

Allocate resources effectively, avoiding overcommitment and delays.

Clear Objectives

Define features, preventing scope creep and maintaining project focus.


Allocate resources effectively, avoiding overcommitment and delays.

Budget Control

Accurate project cost estimation for financial stability.

Risk Mitigation

Identify and address potential risks early in the process.

Stakeholder Communication

Facilitate effective communication with stakeholders, investors, and team members.

Scalability and Flexibility

Adapt quickly to market changes without losing project direction.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Definition

Identify core features for quicker time-to-market and essential product validation.

Consequences of Inadequate Scoping

Budget Overruns

Exceeding budget limits hampers project completion and financial health.

Project Delays

Prolonged timelines disrupt operations, competitiveness, and revenue potential.

Missed Deadlines

Failing to meet deadlines disrupts schedules and jeopardises trust and opportunities.

Reduced Product Quality

Compromised quality diminishes satisfaction, competitiveness, and increases costs.

Scope Creep

Uncontrolled changes leading to a never-ending development cycle

Stakeholder Communication

Ineffective communication hampers collaboration and alignment with expectations.

Strained Relationships

Tensions from project challenges negatively impact team and stakeholder relationships.

Inefficient Resource Allocation

Poor resource management hinders project efficiency and success.

Product-Market Fit Issues

Failure to align with market needs results in lower satisfaction and competitiveness.

Reputational Damage

Negative project outcomes harm trust, reputation, and future opportunities.

Our Approach

We work closely with you, helping you to understand what needs to be built, when it can be built, and the associated cost and effort.

There are three packages you can choose from:

1. Scoping only


3x 60 minutes discovery sessions with our CTO and Head of Operations & Strategy.

Scope Definition

Our team refines and defines the scope based on discussions.

Descriptive Scope Document

A detailed description of technical features within your product, for you to keep and use going forward.

Presentation Meeting

A 60 minutes session to present the finalised scoping document.

2. Scoping & Estimates

Everything included in Package 1: Scoping as well as...

Granular Task Estimates Document

A breakdown of technical features into tasks, with a time and cost estimate attached to each task.

Presentation Meeting

A 90 minute session to present the finalised scoping document and estimates document.

3. Scoping,

Estimates &

Presentation Deck

Everything included in Package 2: Scoping & Estimates as well as...

Presentation Deck

A digestible overview of the scope and estimate documents, for you to share with other developers, potential investors etc.

Presentation Meeting

A two hour session to present the finalised scoping document and estimates document.

Please note that the entire scoping process may take a few weeks, contingent on your project’s progress. If more meetings are needed, these are added on at an additional cost per hour.

No Obligation, Full Ownership

You are under no obligation to choose us for product development. You'll have full ownership of the scope, estimation documents, and info pack. You can use this information freely, whether comparing quotes or presenting to potential funders..

Cost Deduction

The cost of our Technical Scoping Services is deducted from the development cost if you choose to proceed with us.

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