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We Build Software That Works With You.

Custom Software Solutions

When an off-the shelf product won't suffice for your needs, reach for OK200, right here in Melbourne. We build all kinds of software solutions, from small one-off tools, to large-scale marketplaces, and everything in between.

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Your Company Is A Tech Company

.. you just might not know it yet! We start with the smallest possible building block - your data - and begin connecting the dots from there.

Starting from the ground up, we build secure data APIs, folding in your organisation's business logic as we go, giving rise to massively scalable (but easily manageable) tech products. Whether it's custom desktop software, a web platform, or a set of mobile apps, we work with you to make your ideas a reality.

The best thing is: you own all of it. The code, the IP, the infrastructure, the servers, the software, the apps - everything! This enables your organisation to grow with your tech - and if you grow to build an in-house development team, we'll be right beside you facilitating the transition.

If you have a need for custom software, get in touch right now. Drop us a line!

Meet The Team

Paul Grimes

CTO & Founder 💡

Manami Wong

Developer 💻

Lyndon Purcell

Developer 💻

Luke Ketchen

Developer 💻