March 2022: Celebrate with us! To date our software has generated

$20,000,000 Client Revenues

This month, our platforms, software and apps surpassed the TWENTY MILLION dollar revenue level across our client base.

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How We Made Our Clients $20 Million

Well.. we didn't - but the software we built did. Over the years we've developed, grown and scaled our clients' (we like to call them development partners) digital products from zero to where we are right today.

There's a tech saying that goes "You can't improve on what you don't measure", so here at OK200 we record the performance of all of our apps and software, all of the time. While you're working and your app users are spending, our systems are recording, maintaining, and monitoring all of it.

All completely anonymously, of course - no user data has been harmed in the making of this software company. All purchases, signups, logins, and valuable in-app activities are quietly measured using our software, so we can celebrate the huge wins alongside our development partners.

How do we do it?. Have you ever seen the movie Inception? If so we think you'll like this. Behind all of our platforms, is the OK200 platform, a mega-system which manages all of our client platforms.

We've built a platform-of-platforms, if you will.

Even Leonardo is impressed with OK200


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Products We've Built

Ride2School, an app and platform OK200 have developed.
Ride2School App

Keeping young people actively travelling to school

Ride2School is a nationwide program that enables students to get physically active on their journey to school.

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