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What Does OK200 Mean?

The term OK200 (or "200 OK" in computer-speak) is used when someone on the internet requests something from a website or app, and the request has succeeded. It indicates that everything is okay, and the device (for example, your phone) can properly display the page or resource.

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A Bit More About OK200

Just like "404 Not Found" tells you that something on the web is not available or not there at all, "200 OK" indicates success. All is well. Things are great. There are lots of these type of status codes - even one about teapots ("418 I'm a teapot"), but the most important one to us is 200 OK.

We've flipped it around to sound a bit more catchy, but just like "200 OK" means success, we're building OK200 to mean success for your product. Like the status describes, we build our products in such a way that bring on stability, scalability, and most importantly, success. OK200.

We've been in this business for over 5 years, and have over 20 years' experience in building all kinds of digital products for all kinds of companies, large and small.

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